Monday, October 26, 2009

The Reformation

Do you know how the Reformation started?

The Reformation was started when the pope became so greedy for money that they started selling little scrolls of paper called ''indulgences'' which say that you can get relatives out of a place called "Purgatory" which is not real.
So people started buying them, but one man named Martin Luther knew that they were wrong. So by writing, he told the pope to stop selling them.
One of these writings was the ''95 Theses'' , even though he knew he was a monk of the catholic church under the power of the pope and he could get punished for it.
Then the pope became angry when he read it and told him to come to a meeting called the ''Diet of Worms'' that they might be able to get him to recant his writings. Martin Luther went, didn't recant, left the meeting, then some of his friends hid him and he was safe. While he was hiding he translated the New Testament into German, so that all of his friends could read the Bible for themselves.

We watched a very good movie about Martin Luther called "Luther". I learned alot of things about him. He was an excellent reformer!

Last weekend we went to a "Reformation Day Faire" at Providence Church in Peoria, IL. Me and my family dressed up as reformers. I was dressed up to be John Calvin, who was another great reformer! I had alot of fun!

This man did some good music on his bagpipe!

Me making a sword for the "boffer wars" which was so much fun!

My brother Ravi having fun!

My sister dressed up as Queen Anne Boleyn.

Pastor James McDonald preaching on John Calvin.

They had dancing. . .

. . .That my sister Janai was in.

The boys in the boffer wars.

More boys. . .

. . .And Ravi in line waiting for his turn to fight!